The TronAdz Smart Contract is the world first advertising platform community fund. By buying Bonus AdCredits (various amount), you will be part of the community fund that pays you 1% daily bonus on your initial deposit. You then can use your Bonus AdCredits to book impressions on (nearly) every banner with your desired landing page.

Your maximum earnings from the fund will be 300%, means if you buy Bonus AdCredits for 100 TRX, the maximum amount you can get out of the fund will be 300 TRX.

If you want to book the Premium banner spots, you can buy them by clicking on the button „Premium Adz“. When buying Premium AdCredits, you can use them to place your banner ad first in line on prime top location. For Premium Adz, you will not get any bonus on your purchase. A minimum of 50% (up to 95%) of the revenue created through Premium Adz will directly go into the bonus Adz community fund.

The 300% bonus are returned on 6 different ways (1 passive and 5 via marketing):
  • 1% Daily Bonus on your purchase (maximum 300 days), 100% Passive
  • Referral Bonus for Sharing and Growing the Advertising Network.
    1st generation 10%
    2nd generation 2%
    3rd generation 1%
    4th generation 1%
    5th generation 1%
  • Daily matching Bonus on Partners Daily Bonus, 1 level activated for each direct partner, maximum 20 levels, see below
    1st generation 30%
    2nd generation 10%
    3rd generation 10%
    4th generation 10%
    5th generation 10%
    6th generation 8%
    7th generation 8%
    8th generation 8%
    9th generation 8%
    10th generation 8%
    11th generation 5%
    12th generation 5%
    13th generation 5%
    14th generation 5%
    15th generation 5%
    16th generation 1%
    17th generation 1%
    18th generation 1%
    19th generation 1%
    20th generation 1%
  • DAILY TOP SPONSOR POOL: 5% of all purchases is set aside in a pool and every 24 hours 10% of the pool is shared among the TOP 4 referrers in volume
  • PremiumAdz referral bonus: when any of your partners buy Premium AdCredits, you will receive a the following referral bonus:
    1st generation 20%
    2nd generation 10%
    3rd generation 5%
    4th generation 5%
    5th generation 5%
  • WHALEPOOL: 2,5% of every purchase will directly go into the WHALEPOOL which is distributed to all WHALES every 24 hours


100 - 9900: STARTER
10000 - 49900: SHRIMP
50000 - 99900: CRAB
1000000 - 249900: OCTOPUS
2500000 - 499900: FISH
5000000 - 999900: DOLPHIN
10000000 - 24999900: SHARK
25000000: WHALE

The amount of Bonus AdCredits and Premium AdCredits you get per purchase is depending on your rank. If you have not purchased any Bonus AdCredits, the amount of Premium AdCredits will be the same as the rank STARTER

Cycles/minimum and maximum purchase limits:

Minimum purchase is 100 TRX, maximum purchase in the first cycle is 100000 TRX.

When the 300% bonus is accumulated through any of the 6 ways, a new purchase must be made double or greater to continue getting bonus from the fund.